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From dash cams to paint protection, we have a large range of content options for your new car. Tint your windows, track your vehicle, enjoy peace of mind.

Protektiv HYDRO

Protektiv HYDRO surface coating is made from a high performing formula combining Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Ceramic, delivering extreme durability, hardness and a permanent super gloss finish. Protektiv HYDRO transforms the vehicle's surfaces into super-hydrophobic coating providing a highly repellent vehicle finish.

Cancer Council UV Clear

The suns UV rays can be extremely damaging, and we all know the importance of sun protection against skin cancer. Car window film can help to give you and your family proper protection and a cooler, more comfortable car journey.

MotorOne are proud to offer an extensive range of maximum protection Auto Tints which have the full endorsement of the Cancer Council.

Motorone Titanium Window Tint

The ultimate protection under the sun

Having automotive window film on your vehicle in today’s world is an essential consideration. Climate change issues also strongly support the need for us to be conscious of saving energy and giving ourselves and our family maximum protection from the suns damaging UV rays.

Street Legal

INTRODUCING STREET LEGAL AUTOMOTIVE FILM. It’s the darkest automotive window film that creates a look to help your car stand out from the crowd, for those who want to make a statement about themselves and their car.

It’s the performance you need without compromising the look you want. Street Legal pushes the limits of style, yet still meets the legal requirements and regulations on visible light transmittance.

Vehicle Drive Recorder

An essential dash cam that records every drive in full HD quality, including superior night-time vision. The device can also record even when the car is parked by using the Power Magic Pro (that comes included) that will cut off automatically, leaving enough charge in your battery to start your vehicle#.

M-Protekt Plus

Ensuring the safety of your asset is our number one priority. With the added security and ability to monitor your assets movements and location you will never have to worry whilst on holiday or at home about the security of your pride and joy.

How it works

Car is fitted with monitoring device.

Car is fitted with monitoring device.

Satellite monitors & records data.

Satellite monitors & records data.

Data is sent to your phone.

Data is sent to your phone.

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