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Max Kirwan Mazda makes buying a new or used car, quick and easy

Max Kirwan Mazda Melbourne is proud to provide innovative Bank of Melbourne finance, leasing and insurance solutions. ‘Whether you need a car for business or personal use, you want to own your car outright or want the option to upgrade; we can tailor an Bank of Melbourne finance option to suit your lifestyle.’

For more information about Mazda finance please call Max Kirwan Mazda on 03 9480 3555 or contact us online and a Business Manager will be in touch shortly.

Benefits of Max Kirwan Mazda finance

  • Instant finance approvals; can enable immediate delivery if appropriate.
  • Convenient one-stop shopping; with onsite finance managers.
  • Expertise in tailoring the Mazda finance package; to suit personal needs and budget constraints.
  • External vehicle financing is available (for commercial customers only).
  • Combining expenses on the one loan contract; such as registration, on-roads, loan insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance is very convenient.
  • Comprehensive insurance packages are available.
  • Competitive Mazda finance is offered through Bank of Melbourne.

*Approved clients. Conditions Apply

Finance Options available

  • Consumer Finance; the most common type of finance for private buyers which is very flexible, offering loans from 1 to 7 years, from $0 deposit to suit your budget.
  • Chattel Mortgage; the most common option used for financing vehicles used for business and GST registered individuals. Terms from 1 to 7 years with residual payments available.
  • Novated Lease; A three way agreement between you / your employer and the finance company. Your employer makes the payments on your behalf before calculating your PAYE tax, saving you in tax payments. Should you change employment the vehicle remains yours and you simply continue to make payments.

Unlike many other finance companies, Max Kirwan Mazda’s Business Managers concentrate purely on automotive financing. In this way, they are able to offer customers a range of innovative, intelligent and competitive finance solutions to suit all situations.